More Hebdogiciel BASIC listings on msxblue

by snout on 03-11-2010, 21:20
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Once again, Benoît Delvaux (mars2000you) has updated the MSXblue website with several downloadable BASIC listings that were previously published in the French multi-system computer magazine Hebdogiciel. The listings added this time are:

  • Blocus - A variation to Sokoban
  • Boufy - Another take on the snake genre for MSX
  • Bomby - If a pilot is in drastic need of an airstrip, why not use some bombs to remove some inconveniently placed buildings?
  • Clément le Maçon - Just a few bricks and the building is finished!
  • Plomb'X - if you don't know dick about plumbing, you'd better not cock it up!
  • Star Wars - With wars in space, you can do so many things!

An overview of the previously released Hebdogiciel listings can be found over here.

Relevant link: MSXblue

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By JohnHassink

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03-11-2010, 21:44

So many new games, so little time...
It's a luxury problem! Wink