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by snout on 07-11-2010, 11:44
Topic: Software

Earlier this week we reported on several updates at MSXblue, where a collection of MSX-BASIC games previously published in the French Hebdogiciel magazine were gradually added to the website. For those who are particularly impatient, a more complete collection of MSX listings from the magazine can be found over here.

The games available here that have not yet been added to MSXblue are Aldo, B-Bert, Chenille, Chephren, Fantasma, Flipper, Frog, Jack'mine, Kung Fou, Mission X, Pac Maze, Pensate, Pitman II, Puzzle, Raid over Coucou, Scramb, Trésor d'Hakenaton, U-bootE and X.

Relevant link: Hebdogiciel - MSX-BASIC listings

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By hap

Paragon (2027)

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09-11-2010, 20:38

Thanks Jipe

I'd love to see such an archive for Dutch/Japanese/.. MSX magazines too! =)
(legality/warezy status aside)

*edit* of this list, IMO Scramble is the best one by far. Some of the others are good too, but their slowness ruins gameplay (blame Basic eh)