MSX IPS Patch Archive - Update

by BiFi on 08-01-2005, 16:15
Topic: Software

Recently a few more IPS patches have been added to the MSX IPS Patch Archive:

  • Hinotori cheat patch made by Patrick van Arkel (Vampier)
  • SD-Snatcher improved translation patch

Note the SD-Snatcher improved translation patch is the first IPS patch for disk images made for MSX.

On MSX an IPS patch can be applied with IPS4MSX which can be downloaded from the Download database.

Relevant link: MSX IPS Patch Archive

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By BiFi

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08-01-2005, 16:49

The SD-Snatcher patch is based on the Oasis translation with quite some fixes in the texts and display formatting.

By turbor

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08-01-2005, 23:38

FYI: If you intended to use openMSX as emulator, the current CVS version can apply IPS patches when loading rom files.

By BiFi

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11-01-2005, 16:50

Added a few minutes ago: IPS cheat patches for Solid Snake and Space Manbow