MSX Taper 1.10

by wolf_ on 20-02-2008, 23:05
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A new version of MSX Taper has just been released. New in this version:

  • Import Binary, ASCII and Basic files from any folder into a tape
  • Export Binary, ASCII and Basic files, as well as custom blocks of data from your tape to any folder
  • Create MP3 Files of your games (via Lame Encoder binaries, that have to be installed on the same computer)
  • The estimated run time length is now calculated with a more accurate method
  • Some bugs are fixed, some new bugs are probably being introduced, and the GUI and the graphics have been reworked a little bit (including a brand new icon for the application)

For discussions, bug reporting and other suggestions, see this forum thread.

Relevant link: Windows version (Windows 2000, XP and Vista)
Relevant link: Mac OS X version (Mac OS X 10.3 and above, universal binary)
Relevant link: Linux version (Any linux distribution that supports GTK2)

Comments (6)

By Ramones

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22-02-2008, 11:22

Good work cesco!

Testing Mac OS X version in a PPC Mac Mini.

Program work very well. Only two "bugs":

a) Replace file (saving wav file, or mp3 file), exception.
b) Volume playing directly is very low. Testing in my HB20p, don't work. But if I play wav file generated (with iTunes or Finder), works fine.

Sugestion: Add volume in prefs. Smile

By cesco

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23-02-2008, 08:23

Thanks. What do you mean exactly? When you try to replace an existing WAV or MP3 file you get a run-time error? I'll have a look at the code this afternoon

By Ramones

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23-02-2008, 17:14

Yes cesco, this is the problem. Replace file. And ... the volume level playing CAS via MSX Taper.

Sorry cesco. My English is bad. No, is very BAD. Big smile

By andrear1979

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23-02-2008, 20:03

Well done Cesco. The Windows version seems to be immune to the two problems mentioned by Ramones for the Mac version.

To be honest, I got an exception with a malicious experiment: save .wav file, overwriting a file previously marked as "read-only", may this give a hint to interpret the Mac version problem?

My best regards, Andrea.


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27-02-2008, 18:39

I think that you did not look my suggestions:

I also think that ASCII files should be named .TXT while extracting instead of .ASC

By potato7

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23-02-2013, 18:17

Dear all.

The link to MAC version is offline. Can you repair it please?