MSXdev'04 entry: Sink King

by snout on 29-07-2004, 00:27
Topic: Software

Madonna Mark II, well known from Matranet, has finished developing Sink King, an entry for the MSXdev'04 competition. The game can be downloaded from the MSXdev'04 status page. The game is available as ROM, MSX-DOS loader and WAV file.

Relevant link: Robsy's MSX Workshop

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By pitpan

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29-07-2004, 00:38

This game is cool!

And it is the sixth finished entry to MSXdev'04, so until now it doubles the entries of MSXdev'03.

By the way, the deadline was extended by Mr. Nestor Soriano, Konamiman, until 11th August. I guess that there will be some more releases...

By viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

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29-07-2004, 06:30

Awesome retro-feeling!. This game rocks!.

By spl

Paragon (1470)

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29-07-2004, 08:24

This game is an absolute arcade experience! Big smile

By ro

Scribe (4909)

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29-07-2004, 12:32

hmm, the ROM don't work on MSX blue??

By mars2000you

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29-07-2004, 20:23

blueMSX uses a rom database to start correctly a rom game; if the crc32 code of the game is not found in the database (what's the case of a brand new game),the emulator tries to guess the mapper type, but it's not always with success ...

So, for Sink King, add this line in the romdb.dat file :

DCD241FA mirrored Sink King (2004)(Madonna Mark II)[DCD241FA]

Enjoy the game AND blueMSX !

Note that the romdb.dat file will be updated from time to time and that you can find always the last official version on the blueMSX site, on the page Resources. In the future also casdb.dat and dskdb.dat files will be available !

By Imanok

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02-08-2004, 10:03

Great game dude!... and really original!

Keep on the good work!! Wink