MSXdev'05 entry Snoopy Town disqualified

by Bart on 13-01-2006, 22:42
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Source: PitPan

Unfortunately one of the games sent in for the MSXdev'05 competition was disqualified by the MSXdev'05 jury. Snoopy Town was disqualified because it was not an original entry, but a modified copy of Mauro Marinelli's game published in the Italian LIST magazine in 1988. The author of the MSXdev'05 Snoopy Town version claims he didn't understand 'remakes' weren't allowed.

Relevant link: Robsy's MSX Workshop

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By pitpan

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15-01-2006, 13:25

Indeed, remakes are allowed. There are several remakes and ported games and game concepts. What is not fair is presenting a game coded by another person without mentioning this tiny detail. Anyone could type a game from a magazine and claim that he is the coder. That is not "development", as far as I understand the word.

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