MSXdev'06 #05: I.N.E.R.T.I.A.

by wolf_ on 27-11-2006, 11:42
Topic: Software

A single month is roughly what's left now before MSXDev'06 closes. In this month we'll see a lot of announced and unannounced entries being finished. I.N.E.R.T.I.A. is such an unannounced game! This 16KB ROM, by Italian developer Adrea Rossetti, is a shooter in retrostyle for which you need two joysticks. The concept is as classic as our MSX'es are: shoot, kill, or be killed!

One month left. Is it impossible to start developing new games that could still compete? Ofcourse not, but time is running, the bigger games do need to get into the phase of finalizing. And you can take this from us: in the last month time runs twice as fast! Until we finally face the deadline: enjoy I.N.E.R.T.I.A.!

Relevant link: MSXDev'06 website

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By Randam

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27-11-2006, 19:56

Nice game concept. Simple but fun, especially with 2 players.

By jltursan

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27-11-2006, 21:01

Indeed it's a funny idea!; maybe I miss a bit some kind of simple AI routines...

By andrear1979

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30-11-2006, 13:24

Hi friends, I'm Andrea, the one that wrote the game.

Thanks for your appreciation about the game, it's 2-players
with 2-joysticks only, sadly it has no appeal/sense if played

Please stay tuned during next months: if time and chance
will permit it, I'll return back on the game; take also a look at
my website: It's the worst example
of website design and graphics, but has some other MSX content
I wrote (more will be added).




Enlighted (6915)

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03-12-2006, 13:22

I think that an AI would increase a lot the appeal of the game,
but it seems an hard challenge to be developed.
You should implemnet a FSM and devolop strategies to avoid
bullets from the human ship. Not easy.