by hamlet on 09-01-2019, 10:57
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From the makers of Caos Begins and Children of the Night we can witness yet another thrilling MSX game. Hikaru their newest creation is called Multiverse, an action platform game. The game will be released first at the upcomming AAMSX 54RU BARCELONA. After that it can be ordered online.

Multiverse is an action platformer with Puzzles and Adventure. In this game you explore two parallel worlds, Terra and Fable, to find out what happened to Dr. Scott and rescue him. To this end, you gather the energy capsules that powers up the VORTEX. Like Konami's Usas, you can switch between two players. In Multiverse you will not only impersonate Monty Scott, the son of Dr. Scott, but also Nicemoon, the bravest adventurer of all times as well as Monty’s most loyal friend… and dog.

During their quest, strange monsters will attack our friends. Monty’s defense is based on attack like slingshots, marbles, stones, basketballs. Everything can be used as a weapon. As for Nicemoon, his defense is even more powerful since it is based on love and charm. Nicemoon can move freely without taking care of monsters.

The game format is based on a physical 32KB ROM cartridge and suitable for MSX standards. It has improved graphics when played on MSX2 or higher machines. You can either play with keyboard or joystick. The package comes with a full color manual in a cardboard box. It will sell at €37,- excl shipping.

Multiverse will be available at AAMSX 54RU BARCELONA January 19th. If you want to reserve your copy or want to receive the game at home, contact Micromancers.

relevant link: Micromancers web-site
relevant link: Game footage on Youtube

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Comments (14)

By Pencioner

Paladin (843)

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09-01-2019, 18:33

The game looks very promising! And since Micromansers make quality titles, i think it is worth buying without any doubts Smile

By hamlet

Scribe (2206)

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09-01-2019, 18:49

Unfortunately the first charge is already sold out. Hikaru are already preparing new units, and they will be (hopefully) ready by the end of February or the beginning of March. Don't hesitate to contact them to make your pre-order.

By Pencioner

Paladin (843)

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09-01-2019, 20:30

Ehm, i was too slow Smile

By AbrahamCas

Resident (46)

AbrahamCas's picture

09-01-2019, 21:33

Nice Game! And comming from Hikaru quality is surely great, i have ordered my copy to take on 54Ru MSX Smile Barcelona

By OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1230)

OeiOeiVogeltje's picture

09-01-2019, 23:09

looks crazy difficult (like the dracula game)

By wyrdwad

Paladin (729)

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10-01-2019, 13:34

Caos Begins and Children of the Night are both among my favorite homebrew games on MSX, so I can't deny I'm super-excited for this one. Already have my preorder in, and can't wait to play it!



Rookie (32)


11-01-2019, 18:31

Thanks for the comments Smile

As Hamlet said, Multiverse is now sold out but the new units will be ready soon.
Pre-orders can be placed by sending an e-mail to contact at micromancers dot com


By enribar

Paladin (971)

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11-01-2019, 19:57

I'll buy it, but... Why 37 euros for a 32 KB cart?

By АIеks

Master (203)

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11-01-2019, 21:11

Cool. Will there be a digital version?

By Pablibiris

Paragon (1716)

Pablibiris's picture

12-01-2019, 03:18

enribar wrote:

I'll buy it, but... Why 37 euros for a 32 KB cart?

You need to see the quality of the packaging to understand it Wink

By Pencioner

Paladin (843)

Pencioner's picture

12-01-2019, 16:35

enribar wrote:

I'll buy it, but... Why 37 euros for a 32 KB cart?

But it is not like buying potatoes...

By makinavaja

Master (205)

makinavaja's picture

15-01-2019, 20:01

enribar wrote:

I'll buy it, but... Why 37 euros for a 32 KB cart?

Back in the 80's people paid the same (or even more) for an original konami if you consider that, back then, 40€ is not the same as nowadays (due to prices inflation), and everybody was happy about it.
Anyway, everybody can do with his money whatever they want, of course Wink ... But I would consider repect other people work just trying to avoid coments about prices.
Just imagine if people starts speaking about anyones salary... saying "why?"

By hamlet

Scribe (2206)

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15-01-2019, 20:21

You are so right, maskinavaja.

By valkyre

Champion (391)

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15-01-2019, 20:45

Mine has arrived. Fantastic game , box and manual.

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