Welcome to issue 11 of the Old New Stock series. It is time for a game again. A while ago we contacted Edwin Weijdema in search for content. In the 90s Edwin was the coder of Vivid, which was evolved from Experience Soft. In edition 7 you could already get acquainted with their first Vivid game called Gold Rush.

This time it's Solid Snail's turn to see the light again. Edwin sent us some real old new stock left overs of the game to get it properly hacked by MRC user Louthrax. And receive a nice piece of photo art by MRC admin hamlet.

Solid Snail is an action RPG/platform game released in 1994 for any MSX2 or MSX2+ with at least 128kB RAM and VRAM and a double sided disk drive. The game will not run on an MSX turbo R. Unfortunately Edwin never got it to work and Louthrax couldn't let his magic make it happen either. Additional hardware that can be used are MSX-Music and/or MSX-Audio. Connect them both at the same time, each to one speaker, to get the famous MB-Stereo music.

The game is the life story of Jaques. Jaques is a Snail who was born in 1983 and had a tough youth. To prove he wasn't a softy, he joined the army and got promoted to be the leader of an elite commando unit where he got the nickname Solid Snail. One day he got the order to eradicate a group of terrorists and this is where you take control of Jaques' fate.

Graphically and musically the game is a masterpiece. The game play however demands your every skill. If you think the game is a tad too hard for you, you could find a cheat at Generation MSX to make Jaques' and your life easier.

Thanks again to Edwin Weijdema for his cooperation. You haven't seen the last of his work yet, although Solid Snail was his last MSX game. His earlier games will appear as Old New Stock some day as well.

Relevant link: Solid Snail

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  • Old New Stock #11: Solid Snail

Comments (4)

By hamlet

Scribe (4105)

hamlet's picture

16-06-2019, 20:24

What distinctly hard gameplay. I can't wait to see the second level!
Thank you very much for this further gem of the MSX world!

By Grauw

Ascended (10633)

Grauw's picture

16-06-2019, 20:52

Awesome! I have the original game disk Smile, and great to see it available in old-new-stock because it hasn’t been remenisced often! I haven’t played it in a long time, I wonder if it was maybe too hard for me when I was little. But I remember I thought it was a cool and good looking game. Would be nice to see some gameplay video appear on Youtube!

By raymond

Hero (616)

raymond's picture

18-06-2019, 18:57

A very nice Old New Stock! Maybe MRC can make a contest on how to get this game running on an MSX Turbo R machine Big smile

By Manuel

Ascended (19053)

Manuel's picture

30-06-2019, 21:26

So what is different in this version compared to the original?