Old New Stock #7: Gold Rush

Old New Stock #7: Gold Rush

by meits on 28-02-2018, 21:33
Topic: Software

In 1990 Experience Soft was trying to find a way into the then booming and semi-professional MSX scene. What better way to do so by coding a game and sell its rights to MSX Club Magazine. Check the 32th edition on page 25 (27 in the PDF file) to read the article about the slot machine game Amazing Cash.

Once they solidified their position in the world of MSX software producers they changed their name to Vivid. Under this name they made a successor of Amazing Cash. The name of this slot machine leaves nothing to the imagination: Gold Rush.

There is not a lot to tell about slot machines since everybody knows about them and what they're capable of: they are addictive and take your money. The big advantage of Gold Rush is that it doesn't take your money but it can be addictive nonetheless. We would kindly thank Edwin Weijdema of Vivid to allow us to share this golden oldie with the rest of the world. The enthousiasm he showed while we, pure strangers, proposed this Old New Stock release of their game was great. He helped us as much as he could and remembered quite a lot in depth details on how it was made and protected. Louthrax removed the copy protection based on an original disk provided by Hamlet and so a very clean copy can be (re)played by everybody who missed it or wants to give it a spin out of retro romantic feelings... Or the addiction ;)

The game is partly Dutch, but that won't keep anyone from playing Gold Rush.

Relevant link: Gold Rush

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By hamlet

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28-02-2018, 22:57

Nice one Meits! And thank you Edwin, although this was a tough copy protection. But not tough enough for Louthrax , I guess!

By Grauw

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28-02-2018, 23:09

I remember playing that back in the day, and I remember it from hamlet’s Christmas quiz also Big smile.

By meits

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28-02-2018, 23:22

@hamlet. It wasn't really a hard protection, but Louthrax wanted to deliver the cleanest hack possible to honour the product Smile

By TheKid

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01-03-2018, 09:24

yep, nice graphics and very addictive. (even now when I thought to take a little peek).

By Samor

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01-03-2018, 10:48

Never heard of this one for some reason, but I love slot machines Smile

...I think it would be nice to see this on File Hunter too Smile

By Pac

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01-03-2018, 10:55

Thank you to all those (old) developers who let us preserve the MSX software. Wink

By Pippo

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01-03-2018, 17:25

Very, very nice game with beautiful graphics!
My real congratulations to all people involved with it. Smile

By Samor

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01-03-2018, 17:37

Nice picture by the way. Is this another one from hamlet?

By meits

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01-03-2018, 17:47

Samor wrote:

Nice picture by the way. Is this another one from hamlet?

The one and only Smile

By Manuel

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02-03-2018, 23:33

Is there a DMK dump with the copy protection intact?