Palette Editor 1.3

by hap on 20-03-2010, 01:06
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BiFi released an update of Palette Editor, a ROM image allowing you to change the default palette on MSX2 and up before booting a cartridge. The fact that it hasn't seen an update for nearly five years until today is not due to neglection, but rather thanks to its creator's perfectionism, improving it once more and perhaps again five years from now.

One of the bigger additions, though not related to fancy colours, is support for forcing MSX1 and non-Japanese text on MSXturboR. For detailed information, screenshots, and a download location, look no further than behind the link below.

Relevant link: Palette Editor

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By MäSäXi

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20-03-2010, 08:20

About screenshots, which one is taken from Toshiba HX-10 ?

I was surprised to know there are several MSXs with brownish red. I knew Toshiba´s HX-20 shared samelike brownish reds too, but others were totally surprise for me!

By hap

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20-03-2010, 16:45

He based some of the palettes off MSX1 colorbar tvcard screengrabs I did a while ago, no Toshiba HX10 in it:
- Canon V20, TMS9929 VDP
- Panasonic CF1200 (Japan), TMS9918 VDP
- Panasonic CF2700, TMS9129 VDP
- Sony HB10P, T6950 VDP

Anyway, bifi boycotts, so feedback meant for him will only be reacted to on other sites/IRC/email oO

By JohnHassink

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20-03-2010, 20:24

Anyway, bifi boycotts
Question oO Eeeeeeeeeeuuuuuhm ?!? oO Question
Right. Okay. Nice.

By JohnHassink

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21-03-2010, 01:58

Are people boycotting

I can understand, since MRC is, after all, the Evil Empire which is killing MSX.
I, myself have done my share on killing MSX. Used to be proud of it, too.

But! I have repented. And I'll join the rebellion and ask here:
People who boycot MRC, speak up here!

Oh, I forgot. You boycot it.
Then I'll just gather info about who is boycotting the Evil Empire and join the restance and e-mail them to ask what we can do to save MSX.


Enlighted (6464)

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21-03-2010, 10:54

my work and my family are boycotting msx too
I'll send you the email of my boss and of my son (3 yo)

By Latok

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21-03-2010, 11:40

FINALLY all my roms in english on the turboR!!!! Bifi, this utility brings me great joy, thank you Big smile

By hap

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22-03-2010, 18:44

DemonSeed, he left 3 years ago already Running Naked in a Field of Flowers, never noticed?
And, drama happens everywhere

By JohnHassink

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22-03-2010, 20:01

Hey hap, well, I sometimes wondered why he reacted so little here, so maybe I should have figured. Smile

It just seems strange to me why someone would want to 'boycot' a perfectly normal community site, but hey, people are funny critters.

Great link, BTW. LOL.