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by snout on 03-01-2006, 00:59
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Arturo Ragozini sent us PCM Encoder, a tool which allows you to convert .WAV samples to MSX, in order to be played in a high quality sample replayer. Both sources and examples have been included, allowing you to have a listen to the crystal clear sound quality of the samples on MSX, and implement the replayer in your own productions. For more information on the methods used, please do check out this forum thread, from which the encoder and replayer originated.

Relevant link: PCM Encoder

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03-01-2006, 07:49

The pcmenc.exe is a matlab .m file compiled and need a bulk of dll from matlab in order to run.
With jltursan we have found that in order to a the program probably it of required 9Mb of dll 's
Dvick is porting in C the encoding algorithm, from the first results I have seen it seems that the
pcmenc.cpp works very well and I hope to make it available soon (with Dvick's permission)

By chrisborn

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16-04-2018, 06:10

i did an attempt to rewrite cq port the z80 player to zx spectrum 128k. maybe it already has been done.
this is my attempt for the 4bits rle wav :