Pletter 0.5a

by wolf_ on 04-11-2007, 20:09
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Last week, XL2s has added a new version of Pletter to their website. Pletter is a very valuable compression tool for assembly coders, comparable with Bitbuster but then with slightly better results. Pletter comes with a compressor executable for PC, unpack assembly code for MSX and a C++ file.

Relevant link: XL2s

Comments (4)

By GhostwriterP

Hero (619)

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18-11-2007, 11:05

I like the fast compression option, very usefull during development.Smile

By Edwin

Paragon (1182)

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18-11-2007, 18:28

What was actually changed compared to 0.4?

By Huey

Prophet (2675)

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19-11-2007, 11:26

Faster compression IIRC. Thats all

By sjoerd

Hero (602)

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19-11-2007, 20:13

pletter 0.5 stores the plettermode in the file.