by snout on 18-03-2005, 01:02
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: VGM or Chiptune news

Sergey Bulba released a new package of PT2/PT3 tools for both MSX and ZX-Spectrum called PTxTools. In this package you can find the following tools:

  • PT2 player
  • PT3 player
  • Universal PTx player
  • UniSearch
  • PT2time
  • PT3time

At Sergey Bulba's website you can find these and other MSX/ZX tools in the Programmer section.

As an alternative, you can also have a look at PT3 Tools, a set of tools designed specifically for MSX by Alfonso D.C. and Vincent van Dam, based on the routines of Sergey Bulba.

Relevant link: Sergey Bulba's website