ROM Diskmagazines on UMF Forum

by mars2000you on 19-10-2003, 15:47
Topic: Software

The active demo group UMF started their activities on MSX. Apart from a large (and mainly MSX related) BBS they produced the ROM (Read Only Magazine) diskmagazines. The 6th issue of this magazine was the result of merging between Sunrise and UMF. Now, they have an active forum here. In one of the threads all 6 ROM diskmagazines can be dowloaded.

Relevant link: UMF Forums - ROM diskmag thread

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By Sander

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22-10-2003, 13:55

Indeed a good place to put your mags! ..

By Grauw

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22-10-2003, 17:11

I bet that's a hint... ^_^