Shinobi 1.0

by snout on 25-01-2004, 21:09
Topic: Software

Daniel Caetano has ported the ZX Spectrum game Shinobi to MSX. Although this game was ported to MSX before, this version addresses many (if not all) of the problems the existing ports had.

Relevant link: Shinobi for MSX website

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Resident (63)

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26-01-2004, 12:55

Sounds good but could i get this working on an emulator?

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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26-01-2004, 13:53

It works fine on openMSX, and I don't see why it wouldn't work fine on any other emulator.

By spl

Paragon (1470)

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26-01-2004, 15:52

The BIG problem is that this game requires a TURBO-R, computer that most of msx users as me don't have.

I hope that there will be a new MSX 2 version.

Yours, Xenon.SPL

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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26-01-2004, 16:23

Where does it say it needs turboR??????

I played it on a MSX2, works great!

By Arjan

Paladin (728)

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26-01-2004, 16:33

the game runs fine (but a bit slow) on a normal MSX. I think the problem is that the game requires MSXDOS, which isn't on that disk.

By pitpan

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26-01-2004, 17:56

Daniel said that to get full ZX Spectrum speed you need a 7 MHz computer at least. But in normal 3,5 MHz MSX it will work slow, as it happened with the original MSX game (spanish crappy conversion from Spectrum) released in tape.

By Fudeba

Expert (113)

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26-01-2004, 18:07


Later I'll update the page with the requirements (i forget it because the game *will* run on every computer able to run any version of MSX-DOS. The better your computer, the better the game will be.
Anyway, if you want to play it at full speed with an emulator, I don't know the capabilities of OpenMSX, but BrMSX-DOS (which I user on the development) support 7MHz emulation through the "-ciel" command line option. This is not a full emulation, and if OpenMSX is not able to emulate 7Mhz computer, it should be pretty easy to update it: it's just a matter of double the Z80 speed. (^= This means it can process twice instructions in the same amount of time.
Unfortunately, the acess to VRAM in actual MSX computers (port based) is too slow and makes impossible to port the game at full speed in computers running at 3.57Mhz.
Ultimately speaking, considering the way spectrum games works, spectrum is a limited computer... but it is faster than a 3.57Mhz MSX.

By Ivan

Ascended (9289)

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28-01-2004, 15:40

You are right.

The same occurs with Chase HQ.
The MSX conversion is a bit slower than the original Spectrum version.

A 7MHz/R800 version of Chase HQ would be nice!