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by mars2000you on 07-05-2003, 23:14
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If you like the game Skooter, a sort of mini-Eggerland with humoristic and philosophical sentences, you could be interested by MSX Valley, the second site of Benoît "Le Martien", who has just added the complete walkthrough (with tips) of this funny game. It seems that the last two screens have no real solution, but it must be part of the essence of the game .

You can also find the walkthrough for The Goonies, another good Konami game. However, be prepared: this website is entirely in French.

Relevant link: MSX Valley

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By enribar

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08-05-2003, 08:14


Skooter, I played many time with this game and never finished!

One thing: I have also an Italian version of this game in some cassettes, and phrases at the end of each stage are different.

By mars2000you

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08-05-2003, 18:09

I've received today an e-mail from a MSX fan. There should be a solution for the two last screens; I'm of course very curious to know these solutions and to apply them in the game ! Tongue

By mars2000you

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10-05-2003, 22:14

The complete solution of Skooter (including screens 15 and 16) is now on air ! Many thanks for the help that I've received from a MSX fan !

By the way, these last 2 screens aren't easy, but the letters that you must collect form the word "easy"... LOL !

By djh1697

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12-05-2003, 23:33

Is there a cheat for this games? I have never finished it Sad

By anonymous

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13-05-2003, 22:28

Dude, the cheat for Skooter is right there on the page.

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