Sunrise IDE BIOS 2.21

by snout on 29-03-2003, 14:37
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Source: Rob Hiep

Sunrise released a new version of the ATA-IDE BIOS, which is intended for all Sunrise IDE and CompactFlash interfaces. The new BIOS allows you to select a custom boot partition on the master device of the interface. Booting from slave devices or secondary IDE interfaces is not possible as of yet.

In our forum, there is a topic on further improvement of the ATA-IDE BIOS. You can read all about it here.

Relevant link: Sunrise

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By msxhans

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29-03-2003, 16:38


With this facility it would be nice to be able to choose the boot partition in an easy way (either at boot time via a key combination or with an external program)

By snout

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30-03-2003, 00:06

Indeed. This is yet another interesting suggestion for BIOS improvement. I hope features like this one and the ones suggested in the forum topic will be added in the future.