Tasvideos: Invasion of the Zombie Monsters

by Manuel on 26-03-2011, 18:23
Topic: Software

Another Tool Assisted Speedrun of an MSX game has been submitted to Tasvideos. Nitrogenesis, who is famous for having submitted the first ever MSX TAS which actually got accepted and published, took up the challenge of finishing Relevo's homebrew MSX game Invasion of the Zombie Monsters as efficiently as possible, crushing FiXato's previous record by doing so - time runs down in Zombie Monsters, in case you were wondering.

Relevant link: Tasvideos: Invasion of the Zombie Monsters

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By lionelritchie

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26-03-2011, 23:37

very easy game, tools are boring

By Vampier

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26-03-2011, 23:50


here's a video of the :RNFF:

By viejo_archivero

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27-03-2011, 20:23

@lionelritchie: agree, but still funny to watch. Anyway, I recommend playing the game with no cheats ;-), as you've said, it is quite easy.

By nitrogenesis

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28-03-2011, 22:41

That's me Tongue

By Manuel

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24-11-2011, 19:01

scrimpeh improved it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl_YO403JRs TAS - Invasion of the Zombie Monsters in 4:15.31
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