The Battle of Gojo Ohashi by GW's Workshop

The Battle of Gojo Ohashi by GW's Workshop

by hamlet on 13-07-2020, 17:56
Topic: Software

850 years ago in legendary ancient Japan, prince Ushiwaka meets the man on Gojo Ohashi...

Control prince Ushiwaka, and break through each stages. In the first half, walking through the bamboo forest, is a training stage. A flying Tengu or a levitating Biwa-hoshi is your mentor. Even if you have a damage, you just lose a chance to get bonus score but reach to the second half. In the second half, famous historical spots in Kyoto Japan, you must beat the enemy off within a time limit.

Incredible huge characters, you've never seen on your MSX before, perform in historical spots in Kyoto.
For MSX1 with 16 kb RAM or higher. No need for any extension.

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Comments (2)

By Gloriou

Master (204)

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13-07-2020, 18:50

Nice game Smile
Yeah I saw it this morning in Matra Big smile

By dan

Master (243)

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21-07-2020, 14:23

big graphics deserve big screens. what a game! congratulations!