Update for GOTEK Firmware

Update for GOTEK Firmware

by Philip on 31-05-2018, 14:11
Topic: Software

The most unreliable part of the MSX is probably the floppy drive. The drives are getting old and unreliable.
They can be replaced with pc drives but a nice alternative is a Gotek drive.

The Gotek drive emulates an floppy drive. It connects to the floppy cable just like a regular pc floppy drive. So if the MSX is able or converted to use pc floppy drives, it can also use the Gotek drive. Instead of floppies it uses a regular USB flash drive.

By default the Gotek comes with 7 segment display on which you can see the number of the image selected with the buttons on the Gotek.
It is possible to replace this with a lcd or oled screen so you can see the filename of the image selected.

It is also possible to connect a speaker to emulate the stepping motor sound for those who miss it.

The standard firmware on the Gotek is not very useful, but luckily there are alternatives. First there is the HXC firmware.
This costs 10 euro and allows the Gotek to read HXE images from the USB flash drive. DSK and DMK images can be converted to HXE with the included tool.

Alternatively there is the open source FlashFloppy firmware. With the FlashFloppy firmware it is possible 360k and 720k dsk images directly from the USB flash drive. It can also use HXE images so it's still possible to convert DMK images to HXE and use those.

Because it connects to the floppy controller in the MSX is also emulates the actual speed of the floppy drive. This means it's pretty slow compared to using floppy images with a mass storage device like the MFR of Carnivore.
However it is a lot cheaper and it also supports most (perhaps all...?) copy protections.

The Gotek drive can be bought quite cheap from places like Aliexpress.

Relevant link: HXC firmware
Relevant link: Updated FlashFloppy firmware

Thanks to Keir Fraser for the firmware (Flash Floppy)

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06-06-2018, 10:52

FlashFloppy firmware sounds very interesting to me... Especially if it really can be used to play 320KB and 720KB DSK-files directly without need for renaming or converting, it seems well worth a try considering the price of the devices. Hmm... I actually even have a spare OLED display as well as TTL level RS232 at home, so I think I just have to order one to test it. Smile

By Bastion Rebel

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07-06-2018, 07:01

new version v09.20a yesterday

I do the usage tests to see

By Bastion Rebel

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07-06-2018, 07:54





Thanks to Keir Fraser


By Bastion Rebel

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07-06-2018, 14:22

Problem with 360ko DSK in V09.20a in V09.19a DSK 360ko is OK !! waiting for upgrade..

By Bastion Rebel

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11-06-2018, 17:57

new version V09.21a working with MSX

do not forget to use the file FF.CFG and pay attention to the box always in MINUSCULE

host = msx

otherwise DSK 360ko will not work !!!

Good FUN...!!!

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