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by snout on 26-01-2012, 23:49
Topic: Software

A fortnight ago, Edoz asked in this topic on our active MSX Forum whether there was a utility that could convert MSX-BASIC files to MSX-DOS executable .COM files. In the topic, an interesting utility called VBasic was mentioned. This public domain beta, released by Egor Vosnessenski of SOLiD, allows you to create MSX-DOS executables in an MSX-BASIC like programming language. It is one of the many freeware/public domain utilities that had not found its way to our MSX Downloads corner yet - until now. Those who are interested in the tool, can now easily download it right here.

Our MSX Downloads corner contains over 1.100 MSX (related) downloads, but is far from complete. If you know of some interesting utilities, demos, games, or mp3 tracks that are released as freeware or public domain, please help us complete our archives and submit them right here!

Relevant link: VBasic

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26-01-2012, 23:59

The linker seems missing...
Could you add it to the package?

By snout

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27-01-2012, 00:01

I dunno if the linker is PD/Freeware as well. If so - anyone who has the linker can submit it & I will update the download package.

By edoz

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28-01-2012, 18:20

.. cool... a newsitem specialy for me Smile .. this is exactly what i need for something to try ! ... thanks !

By KdL

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25-02-2012, 14:06

I like it!! Wink Wink Wink 


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