VEDIT Plus 2.33 for MSX

by sd_snatcher on 13-02-2010, 22:46
Topic: Software
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VEDIT is an excellent text editor for the CP/M operating system that was released as freeware by Greenview Data Inc. A new MSX version is configured to run properly on an MSX machine and has a wrapper included, that allows it to run from a subdirectory under MSX-DOS2. You can use it to edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT and any other BAT or text configuration file on your MSX machine.

Relevant link: VEDIT Plus 2.33 for MSX

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14-02-2010, 09:54

nice tool, maybe 20 years late...

By sd_snatcher

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14-02-2010, 14:13

maybe 20 years late...

And doesn't that apply to anything we release to the MSX these days, from software to hardware? Smile

But the curious part is that VEDIT was already available 20 years ago. Why nobody ever used it on MSX is still a mystery, because WordStar, Pascal, M80/L80 and a lot other CP/M sw were easily available.