ViewMSX 0.04

by Sonic_aka_T on 24-03-2006, 15:21
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ViewMSX, an MSX picture viewer for the Win32 platform, has just recieved another update. This time, the rendering engine was rewritten, which makes larger files display a lot faster, even on slower computers. The bitbuster decompression routines were also rewritten, making viewing large G9B files much faster.

Apart from this, two new formats are now supported in ViewMSX: SGX and VID files. If these formats sound new to you, that may be because they are only used by SymbOS, a great new multitasking OS for the CPC, which will hopefully be ported to the MSX system in the near future.

Apart from VID, this version of ViewMSX also features experimental support for EVA files. Since EVA support is still experimental, it may not work 100% yet on your computer. Viewing EVA files under WINE or Windows 95/98 is not yet possible. If you want to give these new features a try, be sure to download the updated version from our ever-growing downloads database.

Relevant link: ViewMSX v0.04

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By spl

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25-03-2006, 01:14

Very good news Big smile