VRAM depackers for BitBuster and Pletter

by Metalion on 19-02-2008, 21:14
Topic: Software
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Metalion just released VRAM depacker routines for BitBuster v1.2 and Pletter v0.5b, which work on all MSX models. These direct VRAM depacker routines are a first release, as they work only on VRAM addresses up to $3FFF. New releases working on all the VRAM space are planned to be released in the next few weeks. For further info, see this forum thread.

Relevant link: BitBuster v1.2 VRAM depacker (16Kb)
Relevant link: Pletter v0.5b VRAM depacker (16Kb)

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19-02-2008, 22:55

great work well done!

By Yukio

Paragon (1540)

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19-02-2008, 23:47

It should be very nice ...

By Metalion

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20-02-2008, 07:10

Thanks for your nice comments.

I must say that dvik pointed to me yesterday that the code needed to be lightly modified for MSX1 applications since the OUTs are too close from one another, which could cause VRAM data corruption. Those needed corrections will be added in the next releases.

By jltursan

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20-02-2008, 10:38

Thanks anyway!, these modifications are easy to add as is.

Great work! Smile

By Whizzy

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20-02-2008, 12:12

Very nice. I may be going to use this Wink

By anonymous

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20-02-2008, 12:30

Very nice!

I guess it's also necessary to read bytes 6 an 7 on main ROM for a total compatibility with some weird MSX1 models.

By Metalion

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22-02-2008, 16:58

I just uploaded the new sources, which include a slight modification to take into account the VDP timing issues. I added a NOP instruction where VDP timing might be critical. Fine tuning (adding or removing NOPs) will have to be done by the user, according to its needs. A readme.txt is added where everything is explained.


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22-02-2008, 19:25

IMHO well nops between outs at 0x99 are never needed, but thanks for the great work!!