As announced in this topic, Zombie Incident, the winner of the 11th edition of MSXdev, the on-going MSX development competition is going to enjoy a cartridge release. You can pre-order the cartridge for 24€ + shipping. Cartridges will be shipped from 6 December 2014.

Relevant link: Repro Factory MSX Shop

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By x-nen Aivalahostia

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21-11-2014, 10:27

Great news!! Zombie incident one of the best Dev games!!

By Grauw

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21-11-2014, 11:07

The cover art is so nice Smile. Who drew it?

By giangiacomo.zaffini

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21-11-2014, 12:30

repro factory is a pure MSX bliss!
That's to say that I'm quite interested. A gave a look to Diy Kit also!

By ericb59

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21-11-2014, 12:50

New cover art was drawn by Sandra Garzon Hernandez

By enribar

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21-11-2014, 14:14

please eric do not forget Italian MSX market , so please install the Italian language for the website, too ;-)

By ericb59

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21-11-2014, 14:15

I can, but I need a translator … do you want to be ?

By enribar

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21-11-2014, 14:51

yes , why not! :-) explain me how and what to do by email, thank!

By Imanok

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21-11-2014, 22:12

That new cover is simply fantastic! Congratulations! Big smile

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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21-11-2014, 23:05

The game was already amazing with vivid and fresh color schemes and great sound and music. Box art, cart, manual and packaging tops it off. Great work and great website too.

By SkyeWelse

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22-11-2014, 00:41

I really like the cover art! Great job to the artist! : )


By Opethian

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24-11-2014, 15:03

nice work John love the music so far!

By JohnHassink

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24-11-2014, 19:37

Opethian wrote:

nice work John love the music so far!

Thank you! Smile Here is the FM version of the in-game music:

By foobarry81

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19-12-2014, 14:46

Got my copy. This stuff looks amazing. Great job ericb59.