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by wolf_ on 30-11-2008, 17:18
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Django enriches us noble MSX'ians with yet another translation: Psycho World. This game, released in 1988, is one of the three MSX games Hertz has produced. The others were the smooth scrolling horizontal shooter Hydefos and the text adventure Sword of Legend Lenam. Lenam, while having good production values, never really managed to gain fans outside Japan. Hydefos has quality, but as horizontal shooters on MSX are typically the domain of Konami, a shooter like Hydefos will always have to fight an unfair competition. It's different for Psycho World, perhaps the best entry in this particular genre (Character Action Game) and generally a popular game. Despite the Japanese story, the game itself was a very playable action game which could be finished without any Japanese knowledge. Thanks to Django's translation work on this game -English, French and Spanish-, the game is now even more fun to play!

Relevant link: Passion MSX - Django translations

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By RobertVroemisse

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30-11-2008, 19:46


By JohnHassink

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30-11-2008, 20:05


Shame about the still Japanese in-game texts and conversations with boss creatures though. Wink

The actual names of the powers (in the order of your .pdf file) are:

Shield / Excharge

By Manuel

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30-11-2008, 22:20

In Extra Mode the enemies can speak. It would be cool to have those texts translated as well.

By JohnHassink

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30-11-2008, 22:39

@ manuel; yes, that's what I meant. On top of that, the player talks too and the bosses talk more.

By Samor

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02-12-2008, 06:14

nice Smile

perhaps Sword of Legend Lenam would be more popular if we could actually read it Wink


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05-05-2011, 09:38

Deprotected game PATCH (Psycho World.ips File) to fix the bug at the end of the World 1

By meits

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26-07-2011, 16:23

All brilliant, but since my french is rather <0 I can't find any information on how to patch my dsk image... Can that be added or given here?