Django translations: AshGuine 3

by wolf_ on 01-01-2010, 11:43
Topic: Translations

In the past years more and more people started to delve into games to make content out of them. MSX Solutions focused on good old maps, a handful o' people make enhancements like MSX2 versions for MSX1 games, or even smooth versions of Konami's shooters. Other people make textual walkthoughs with screenshots and recently various people have started to upload walk through videos to YouTube. On the edge of 2009 the French MSX fan Django, another one of those content providers, continues to keep us busy with partial translations. His most recent one being an old Micro Cabin game from 1987: AshGuine 3.

Relevant link: PassionMSX - Goodies

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By JohnHassink

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02-01-2010, 18:51

Thank you Django!!

It is very nice that you also replaced the in-game texts.

Just one thing: the English is not so very good. Smile

Maybe it's a good idea if you translate it to French first (maybe you already do so) and then ask someone to translate it to English?