Django translations: Haja no Fuuin

by hap on 29-08-2009, 18:44
Topic: Translations

Another weekend, another DJANGO translation. Today he blesses us with a partial English translation of a relatively unknown RPG from 1987: Kogado's Haja no Fuuin, the MSX1 version.

Relevant link: Passion MSX - Django translations

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By Yukio

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29-08-2009, 19:40

Since when that the "Miracle Warriors" series is unknown !? The SEGA Master System title got a proeminent part of the series.

ASCII and Kogado had a lot of computer role playing games, most of them with a similar game engine and system statistics ...

By lionelritchie

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29-08-2009, 19:41

miracle who?

By Yukio

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29-08-2009, 20:08

I guess that the Miracle Warrior is the miniature that comes with the game and map of the World ...

After all, it is a computer Role Playing Game.