Illusion City translation to Portuguese 0.01

by snout on 06-10-2002, 21:03
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Source: MSX Mailinglist

Illusion City was one of the best MicroCabin games, released only for MSX turboR computers, released only in Japanese. After translating Parodius to English, a team of Portuguese and Japanese MSX users started translating Illusion City into Portuguese. Similar to the Snatcher translation project, an English translation project can be started sebsequently.In version 0.01, all graphics and 93% of all text on disk 1 is translated, and a small part of the second disk is translated as well. You can download it at the Illusion City translation site. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the best news: This version works on MSX2 computers!

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By jalu

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08-10-2002, 11:38

Wow... I will try actually running this on my 8250 tonight... Though the text does make some (unclear portuguese) remarks about using either a 7 MHz or a 3.5 MHz MSX2. But an FM-PAC/PAK won't work correctly on 7 MHz, so we'd miss the music then. I really hopes it will work on 3.5 MHz...