Portuguese translation projects

by snout on 23-02-2002, 22:23
Topic: Translations

We already reported about the first version of Snatcher Portuguese. In the mean time a new alpha-version of this translation has been released and can be downloaded here. But Snatcher is not the only game that's being translated to Portuguese. Over here you can see a few screenshots from the introdemo of Aleste, with Portuguese translations of the original Japanese texts written next to them. Lhotian of RomhackBR has been working on a Japanese-to-Portuguese translation of Maze of Galious, using ASCII-table translation.

Although he has already translated all castle-texts and some system messages he is having trouble finding all the texts in the game, and he has asked for help on our forum. You can find more information on the Maze of Galious translation project on the RomhackBR Projects page.Last but not least is the translation project of Shalom (a.k.a. Knightmare III). The latest alpha version was released about a month ago. According to the translators, almost half of the Japanese texts have been translated now.

Information and downloads can be found by clicking on this link.