Silviana translation patch

by hap on 29-12-2009, 17:16
Topic: Translations

M.I.J.E.T., known in the game hacking and translation scene for his quality Mega Drive game translations, published his first MSX work, a surprise translation of Pack-In-Video's Silviana.

Silviana (also the name of our hero in the game) is a 20 year old cute action RPG for the MSX2 that doesn't take itself too serious, sporting colourful graphics and FM-PAC music. It's easy to get into and your goal is simple: find a medicine to cure Silviana's mother. It's up to us MSXers to help her out. Here's hoping that we will actually play this game now, unlike last time, judging from the massive amount of reactions.

Like most of M.I.J.E.T.'s releases, this one is dual-language (Japanese and English) and includes several small improvements as well. He also provides us with a handy general patching utility on his website to make sure that the correct disk image gets patched.

Relevant link: M.I.J.E.T.

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By sd_snatcher

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29-12-2009, 22:08

I've never heard of this game until now and it seems very interesting. Thanks for this wonderful patch!! Big smile

If I may, I would like to ask for another two small improvements:

1) Turbo support: The game timing routines seem well programmed and it seems to support turbo quite well. Probably it's just a matter of patching the FM playing routines to support the turbo machines (the YM2413 chip is quite slow, you know) and enable the turbo with this tool on AUTOEXEC.BAT. Could you please patch the FM routines? The turbo would result in much lower loading times, less sprite flickering and the intro text scroll get smoother.

2) MSX-DOS2 support: The game has a bug that causes it to freeze on MSX-DOS2, so its files can't be copied to run directly from the MSX's hard-disk. Off course one could use disk emulation tools on the real MSX, but running the game directly from the hard-disk is much better (plz have a look at my Psycho World multi-language HD version).

By Vampier

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30-12-2009, 07:40

big thanks to the translator/programmer! not only is this a new game for me it's translated in a great way.... and it's not partial Tongue

expect some pokes for this game soon Smile

By Abi

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30-12-2009, 12:11

I played this game for hours and hours! I think i liked the great fm-pac music in the game. Thanks for the translation! Thumbs up! I even named my youngest son to this game (Sylvan).

By hap

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30-12-2009, 12:42

sd_snatcher: I don't know if MIJET reads this website, maybe you could email him your requests, and/or point him to this newspost.

I even named my youngest son to this game (Sylvan).Smile

By Randam

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30-12-2009, 14:08

Great translation, only too bad about some of the item names. Hopefully he will make some more MSX translations.

By JohnHassink

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30-12-2009, 14:24

Thank you so much!!!

Great game, more or less a combination of Ys and Golvellius.
BTW I think the music was made by (amongst others) Shinobu Ogawa, chief composer of Telenet Japan. Not 100% sure though, will investigate.

By KdL

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30-12-2009, 17:19

BASIC LOADER with long press key function for MSXDOS1.

Example for SILVIANA game.

-DOS prompt-


-BASIC editor-

10 COLOR0,0,0:POKE&HF346,1
30 P$=INKEY$:T$=CHR$(27)+F$+P$+CHR$(13)
70 POKE&HF3F8,(LEN(T$)-16):POKE&HF3F9,&HFC


Now, reset and press 'J' at startup to load japanese language easy! Wink

Note that at right of line 20 you have a space from .COM and ".

Direct link:

By anonymous

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25-03-2013, 05:57

Always wanted to do this. Big smile Hope you enjoy.