Snatcher Translation projects

by snout on 07-07-2002, 12:02
Topic: Translations

It's been quite a while since we heard of the Snatcher translation project. Today, the following messages were posted on the MSX Mailinglist. First one is by Daniel Caetano about the Portuguese translation:

There is a new release of Snatcher in Portuguese on the Website. The transition to new Snatcher disks images (the previous originals were defective) was completed, the Gaudi menu is completly translated (it was boring translating it, so I added some, uh, nice features to it) and completed the bring translation of the training room... The final statistics were really annoying to translate (more modifications in the game code, no on disk 2)I'm glad to announce the help of two friends on the translation: Dante Nishida (atom) is now translating the game's graphics and Daniel Kim (Ginseng) is now translating the game's booklet.I hope you enjoy the new version... besides the news above, there are already some graphics translated to portuguese.

The link is:

The second messages on the mailinglist was by Ivan Latorre on the Spanish translation.After more than a half a year of work this is the status of the Spanish translation of Takamichi's English texts:

  • Disk1: 99%
  • Disk2: 99%
  • Disk3: 95%
  • Commands: 30%

I'm being slow because I want to do a good translation. Absolutely every doubt that I have is asked to Takamichi. Steps that last to finish the translation:

  • Ask Takamichi the doubts that I had while translating Disk3.
  • Ask Takamichi a few doubts that still I have about the translation of Disk1 and Disk2.
  • Finish the translation of the commands file.
  • Reread the whole texts in order to find possible orthographical/grammatical errors.

I hope that someone will incorporate the Spanish texts into the original game.P.S: Don't ask me for the texts. I will put them on the net when the translation is finished.Good news indeed, and of course we hope the English texts will be incorporated in the game one day as well :P