Ever wanted to translate that one MSX game you always liked so much but didn't have the technical skills to do so? BrMSX developer Ricardo Bittencourt has the solution in the form of a very extensive tutorial on translating MSX games. In this tutorial, that was originally written in Portugese and translated into Spanish by Konamito, Ricbit explains the different techniques that are involved in the translation of MSX games such as searching and replacing texts (ofcourse you have to to the actual translating yourself) and finding the game's table of characters. A very nice and well-written article for everyone who's interested in translating MSX games.  

Relevant link: Tutorial MSX games translation (in Spanish)

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By Konamito

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21-11-2011, 17:14

Thanks for posting here! Smile

After reading it, it sounds easy to translate games. But in my case, I need to learn Japanese Sad