A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games

A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games

by ro on 28-08-2023, 17:08
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The retro game book publisher Bitmap Books recently released their latest opus called A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games. A full color print hardback book spanning over 600 pages of tales about Japanese RPGs. Covering multiple systems, and decades of game galore. A must have for JRPG fans.

The UK based retro game book publisher Bitmap Books, maintains a high standard when it comes to publishing print. Dedicated solely to gaming, especially the old stuff, they release high-end publications without cutting corners. Established in 2014, founder Sam Dyer had a vision that was as ambitious as it was straightforward. He wanted to create and publish the highest quality, most visually splendid gaming books ever produced.

The company's latest offering is a bible for JRPG lovers, as it covers a wide variety of Japanese Role Playing Games from past to present. From Dragon Quest to Final Fantasy, from Ys to Pokémon, A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games explores the expansive history of Japanese role-playing games, beginning on 8-bit microcomputers, and following them all the way up to the heavy hitters of the modern era.

Original author Kurt Kalata did a splendid job on covering the entire history of Japanese role-playing games from 1982 to 2020. The book covers JRPGs on computer systems like Nintendo, Sega, NEC, and MSX. You'll find writings about the YS, XAK, and Dragon Slayer series as well as SD-Snatcher and other MSX known JRPG releases. All written with nothing but love for the genre.

A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games is 652 pages in length, weights about 2 kilograms, and comes in hardback as standard. Bitmap Book used thread-sewn binding for extra durability and print lithographically on high-quality paper. A very impressive job for such a niche market. The publisher has gone through great lengths to make this ambitious project come to life, and makes sure this fine print will be transported safely to its receiver using extra effort on packaging. A job well done.

The book is available at the Bitmap Books store for €41,95 EUR, ex (world-wide) shipping. While visiting their website, have a look at their current catalogue as there are some treasures to be found.

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29-08-2023, 07:46

Wow, this looks like another extensive quality release from Bitmap Books. I have several books from these guys and they are all great!