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by msxgamesbox on 30-05-2004, 14:19
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The MSX Games bOX have opened a new section called 'The Amateur MSX Gaming List' containing a comprehensive database of all 'amateur' games released since 1992. The section is still in development and will be completed over the next couple of months with additional data, storylines, pictures and possibly downloads as well.

The games are currently classified by year. The MSX Game bOX could use some help maintaining this list. Tasks to be done are:

  • Verifying and correcting any wrong data
  • Classifying the 24 games currently set in 'Unknown Year'
  • Contributing games that are missing from the list

If you would like to help, please contact Phil from The MSX Games bOX through the contact form on his site.

Relevant link: MSX Game Box - Amateur games list

Comments (20)

By snout

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30-05-2004, 14:30

Great initiative! Please keep in mind there was a nice amateur community way before 1992. It would be nice to pay attention to the games from that era as well.

By wolf_

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30-05-2004, 14:30

nice idea!

uhm.. missing: Frantic, No Fuzz (both by ANMA)..

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9903)

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30-05-2004, 14:35

*cough* NO FUSS *cough*

Freudian mistake Smile

By DarQ

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30-05-2004, 14:39

you don't want any fuzz anymore Wolf?

By Manuel

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30-05-2004, 14:50

And Squeek by ANMA Smile

I think Exor is from 1997, and probably also "Ruby and Jade", another game by Aurora.

Kink by me was written in 1999, as is printed when you exit the 'game'.

Trojka is 1992, says the About option.

Sandstone is also 1999.

Guru Logic by TwZ is 2002.

Duck Tales 1994.

By msxgamesbox

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30-05-2004, 15:37

Thanks guys, thought it would be great to have such a database... I first want to focus on the games made after 1992 but sure this database should also contain earlier 'amateur' games. it's some work though.
Please keep on commenting, correcting and I will make all necessary corrections.

By Ivan

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30-05-2004, 16:05

Indeed it's a great idea.
I hope we will see more games on that list.

By Arjan

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30-05-2004, 16:28

Defender isn't a game, but a diskmagazine.

Sir Dan was also published by FutureDisk (FD43 to be exact). Hmm wait, it seems you mean 'created by' instead of 'published by'.

Guru Logic was released in 2002.

By ro

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30-05-2004, 16:58

Retaliator was done by jan van Valburg for MSX group Friesland and published by Sunrise( right?)

By Manuel

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30-05-2004, 17:28

When will it be updated?

By msxgamesbox

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30-05-2004, 17:47

I will update as frequently as I can... will try to do a first batch of updates tonight or tomorrow.

By msxgamesbox

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30-05-2004, 18:11

Just made the first changes - thanks all (also those who e-mailed).

By pitpan

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30-05-2004, 18:29


DUCK HUNT has been showed in different RUs in Spain, but it is not downloadable yet. It will be published very soon, but it is not ready at the moment.

SNAIL MAZE is the other KAROSHI production that was published as a demo-entry for MSXdev'04.

By sunrise

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30-05-2004, 19:04

I donot think Sandstone is freeware and sometimes the links are not working.
sINCE Umax has no official page , you may refer in all UMAX cases to our page ofcourse
And indeed Ro, Retaliator can still be obtained via us

By Manuel

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30-05-2004, 20:24

Sandstone is not freeware indeed, AFAIK. But, you can contact David Heremans if you want to be sure.

By Manuel

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30-05-2004, 20:25

ow, and Ruby and Jade and Exor aren't free either. At least, not last time I checked. You should ask AuroraMSX though (here on the forum e.g.).

By turbor

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30-05-2004, 23:44

Sandstone isn't free indeed. It will be some day, but not today (need to find the disklabel jpeg image again to bundle it, make a 'clean' diskimage etc etc)

By BiFi

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31-05-2004, 09:46

Some more titles missing:

Year - Title - Type - Publisher - $$$ - Home Page
1995 - For On A Row - mind-bender for 2 MSX2's - MSX-Club West-Friesland - Yep - MCWF Home
2000 - Musical Memory - take a guess - Delta Soft - Yep - Delta Soft Home Page
2001 - Musical Memory X-Mas edition - take a guess - BiFi - Nope (present) - BiFi's Home Page
2002 - Musical Memory Future Disk edition - take a guess - BiFi - Nope (present) - BiFi's Home Page

By The_Engineer

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02-06-2004, 10:03

Some errors in the database on Hegega games:
* PACMAN - Published 1993
* GORBY vs PUYO - Published 1998

But... what are the selection criteria for the games? Gorby vs Puyo was a game for a FutureDisk special edition. It has never been released as a stand alone game.

By msxgamesbox

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02-06-2004, 14:35

Thanks for the info - will go through another batch of updates soon... the selection criteria is so namely all amateur games released since 92... but don't ask me to be 100% accurate on all info - I just try to do my best. Some of the games I never heard of or never played but thanks to your input I try to build this comprehensive database.
All-in-all many ma,ny thanks for the numerous messages, recommendations and enthusiastic comments I got through this newspost or through my e-mail.