Big update Delta Soft homepage

by Latok on 31-12-2002, 16:27
Topic: Websites

On the edge of a new year, Delta Soft suprises us with a huge update of their website. They have been pretty busy. Here's a list of all the changes.

  • From now on a calender can be downloaded at the calender section every month.
  • At the preview section you can read everything about their newest game, Sorcerian English.
  • At the downloadsection several mp3 files of Thunderbirds Are Go and Findit can be downloaded.
  • At the downloadsection 3 new programs can be downloaded : Salamander scc demo, Mega Demo 3 and Delta's Picture Puzzle 2.
  • The calender is updated.
  • The prices at the ordersection are updated.
  • The Findit section is updated with the Stage 2 walkthrough.
  • The Thunderbirds walkthrough is updated with scene 25 until 30.
  • The Konami Quiz 2 section is updated.

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