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by wolf_ on 25-12-2009, 12:00
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CheatMSX has added a new Dev build of openMSX to their website: Dev 11023 (2009-12-25). Apart from the regular Win32 build, CheatMSX has now also added a build for Macintosh (OSX32). Both versions have been build by CheatMSX according to openMSX standards, which means these versions have been build the way the openMSX team would've build them. There's laserdisc support in openMSX these days, so that would be a nice feature to try out these days. The source code can also be obtained at CheatMSX and the website also includes a link to Nekolauncher, a launcher for Mac.

Relevant link: CheatMSX

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By sd_snatcher

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22-01-2010, 01:45

Thanks, Hydragon! I'm already using it right now.

I hope I'm not asking too much, but could you please also publish updated snapshot binaries of the openMSX-debugger for Mac on Currently I'm using the v0.1.0-dev8331, which I believe is somewhat old.