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by Latok on 04-01-2003, 20:42
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For a long time, the MSX Emulator Pages, in short the MEP, was the most popular MSX site on the internet. The site hosted not only emulators, but also many software titles.After a while, the software (which was often illegal) disappeared and for a few years, the MEP focused on emulators only. Now, this has been changed again. doesn't contain the MEP itself anymore, but it is now your downloadplace for the MSX software, created by Dutch MSX group Fony.Go check it out! Not only the Fony Demo Disks, but also their great game Eggbert can be downloaded.

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By msxgamesbox

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04-01-2003, 23:36

The MEP only closed down a month ago or so as it was re-hosted on fixato!

By Latok

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04-01-2003, 23:39

Cheers! Thanks for your additional info.

By snout

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04-01-2003, 23:47

True and not true

The one and only MEP was on the domain

It was a frequently updated list of MSX emulators and there were system ROMS as well. Also, it featured a MEP software (games?) database. This database used a LOT of datatraffic (if you hear us MSX Resource Center people complain about datatraffic... our datatraffic us PEANUTS compared to the datatraffic the MEP used to generate). After a while, the MEP lost functionality and stopped.

The software database was continued on fixato/msx-xpress (but was closed down recently, also because of datatraffic problems) and the emulator-part of the site resurrected as a part of generation-msx.

By tfh

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05-01-2003, 11:15

Well, the explenation of Snout is closest to the truth Smile MEP (MSX Emulator Page) used to be hosted on Casema and later on on my own domain We started out as a site with a comprehensive list of emulators and system roms. Later on we added the MSX Games Database. This is when things started getting out of hand. At our peak, we had something like 3.500 games and apps in that database. Part of it was stored at Funet (thanks to Tristan) and the rest was stored at My hosting company got very upset when within 3 days, over 80 gigs was leeched from my site (This is exlcuding what was stored on funet!). My host company informed me I had to remove the games database, which I did of course. If I didn't, they would have deleted my account there.
Quite soon after that, fixato took over the Games Database. But as far as I know, only the part which is stored at funet actually worked (about half the files). But even only the database itself already gave too much traffic for his ISP.
After the Games Database was removed from MEP, we still stayed around for some time, just hosting emulators and systems roms. Traffic went down, but visitor number stayed up :)
Later on, I just got fed up a bit with the way the MSX Comunity looked towards emulation. People said emulation sucked etc... Quite funny to see how everyone is looking at OpenMSX & MSXPlayer right now...
After I also fell ill, I decided it was not worth it, and shutted everything down. Sylvester, together with some other people thought is was a shame, and decided to continue the MEP (Emulators only). They did this on my domain (
Sylvester was already busy enough with his own site and his own things, so he let other people update the MEP. But this wasn't done very frequently, so... we decided that is was time to end it all for good right now.
We just put the old "Fony pages"back for now :)



I want to thank Sylvestert very much for all the time and effort he put into the MEP!!!!!!

By FiXato

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05-01-2003, 17:51

yup Smile

Well, I pulled the database offline a couple of months ago for 2 reasons:
1, the main reason, was that it generated 500 visitors a day, generating more that 5Gig a month.
Got informed by my ISP that for every extra Gb generated over my 4GB limit, I had to pay 9euro... Well for a site that isn;t generating money, I wouldn't want to pay that of course
I now have a secondary host and I will put the MEP back up at both hosts/domains hoping that the trafiic will be semi-divided between the 2 hosts. Still working on getting 10GB extra FREE trafficlimit...

The second reason is that most of the link were broken, mainly caused by the fact that I do not want to host the games that were hosted on For the same trafficreason and because of copyrightissues I wish to avoid.
I am working on a better, cleaner and more important, less dataintensive database.

By Grauw

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05-01-2003, 21:30

Cool Arnaud, I like it, Fony stuff rox ^_^.


By JEames

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08-01-2003, 01:07

Hi there. I guess traffic is the main problem. I have arround 400 unique visits a day with aproximately 1000 downloads only on my MSX Direct page. But this just make's my server a bit slower (I have a 256Kbps dedicated line). Well, I am very disapointed about the disapearence of the file-hunter emulator page so I offer free hosting. The line some times come's to bee a bit slow, but at least we have one place where you can find almost all MSX emulators. I also have in mind a complete remake of MSX Direct, but help is needed. Anyone intresed? Just send me an email at