Four new maps on MSX Solutions

by mars2000you on 07-10-2005, 13:35
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MSX Solutions has added four new maps to their MSX game maps collection. With this addition no less than 47 maps are hosted. The latest four maps are:

  • The Treasure Of Usas (Konami, 1987)
  • H.E.R.O. (Activision, 1984)
  • After The War - Part 1 (Dinamic, 1989)
  • Tensai Rabbian Daifunsen (Toshiba Emi, 1986)

The creators of this site are also preparing a MSX Software Manual database which will allow for user contribution also.

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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By only_69

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07-10-2005, 13:43

In fact Benoit, I have to disagree with you. There are only 47 maps. But soon we will reach the 50 maps mark, since other maps are on their way.

MSX Solutions

By Bart

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07-10-2005, 13:56

That was my edit Smile Mars2k didn't say that. I counted all maps, and I counted 50.. Wrong?

By only_69

Hero (565)

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07-10-2005, 14:53

50 entries in download section = 47 maps + 2 old entries of maps that were remade (included in the 47) + 1 entry for MSX Offline List database.

MSX Solutions

By flyguille

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07-10-2005, 17:54

well, I can't browse the treasure of USAS map because the winxp default browser returns the error of image too big.

with which (free soft) I can open it?

By snout

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07-10-2005, 18:00

Firefox gets the job done...

By mars2000you

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07-10-2005, 18:29

flyguille : save the png file on your harddisk, then use the good old Paint tool Big smile

By BiFi

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07-10-2005, 20:10

it's always a good idea to use a decent browser, even though you save it to your local drive

By Grauw

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07-10-2005, 20:29


Usas is really a pretty game Smile.

As for the links, they are using Javascript, so I can’t open them in new tabs. Could you change them from:

<a href="javascript:popUp('trabbian.html')">Download</a>


<a href="trabbian.html" onclick="popUp(this.href)">Download</a>

and in your popUp JavaScript function, add

return false;

before the closing } ???

That would be better. Thanks.


By ro

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08-10-2005, 14:18

in firefox press CTRL+T (new tab), now DRAG the link (refering to the bigger picture) to that new tab Smile

By Grauw

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09-10-2005, 05:52

Yes, I know, but that’s not the point... I don’t like popups, and when I middle-click on a link I’d just like it to open in a new tab like a ‘normal’ link. That’s what the code changes I suggested do. They make the link a ‘normal’ link, with the address in the href attribute, yet still do pop up in a new window when clicking on it.