Hans Otten's MSX Info pages - update

by snout on 18-09-2005, 18:36
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Hans Otten has updated his MSX info pages once again with the following:

  • How to upgrade the memory on the Panasonic A1-WSX with a 1 MB DRAM 72 pins module
  • A BASIC to BINARY file converter from the Nemesis Tools package, originally intended to be run on Brazilian MSXs. Louis Claudio Grosso disassembled, bugfixed and modified to make it run on e.g. the SVI738
  • An english version of an MSX2 BASIC guide

Relevant link: Hans Otten

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By HansO

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18-09-2005, 22:38

Also new, thanks to Sandy Pleyte: pictures and the story behind the white turboR. A german person named Wolfgang Bormann tells about it. See the MSX turboR picture gallery.

By djh1697

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18-09-2015, 07:29

I am sorry MRC guys, but Hanso MSX pages are a real MSX Resource centre, he has some very useful resources including the Konami Software Club magazines Smile

I say that because they where my contribution.