HansO MSX Info pages update

by snout on 24-11-2002, 13:28
Topic: Websites

Hans Otten keeps adding valuable content to his MSX documentation website. Shortly after our previous post, more new articles and sources were added. Here's the full list.

  • Articles by Henrik Gilvad on connecting a CD-ROM to MSX via SCSI
  • Official ASCII documentation on the implementation of RS232C on MSX
  • Dutch userguide for the FM-PAC
  • Several articles from the book "Programming the Z80" (by Rodney Zaks)
  • Floppy drive hardware configuration info (jumpers etc.)
  • An up-to-date archive with MEMMAN 2.4, including a lot of TSR's
  • A program to digitize video images (e.g. for NMS8280 computers) by Huib Walta
  • Final Video Graphics, another program to digitize video images.

Also, the Novatec website, which was lost in cyberspace a while ago, is now mirrored by Hans. De Novatec site contains interesting information on several hardware projects, like a SuperATA-IDE interface, or a doublescan module which allows you to connect an MSX to an ordinary VGA monitor.