HansO website update

by msxhans on 11-01-2002, 20:05
Topic: Websites

The HansO website www.msxhans.msx2.com has been updated with many new service manuals (Sony and others), thanks to Bas Kornalijnslijper. The following was updated as well:

  • The Website + extra's is available internationally on cd
  • The MSX-1 BIOS assembler listing is available on paper, 356 pages of official ASCII code.

Next update will be:

  • Pioneer PX-7 user and service manuals (lots of technical info inhigh quality, thanks to MSX Resource Center)
  • All Uniface articles from the dutch magazine PTC

If you have the HBI-900 system disk or Uniface books, please contact the HansO website administrator.

Relevant link: HansO's MSX website