HansO website updates.

by snout on 17-07-2002, 17:37
Topic: Websites

Source: comp.sys.msx

Hans Otten updated his site once again, and added the following:

  • Bruno Querzoli has documented how a Panasonic turboR A1 ST can be upgraded internally to 1Mb RAM. Bruno has given permission to republish this information The article is available in spanish and in english.
  • Louis Claudio Grosso has updated his information on the CP/M BIOS of the Spectravideo 738 X'Press. Not only the source of the BIOS is now available but also a program to write the boot information to disk.
  • The PAD MSX BIOS 1 listing.
  • Ag0ny (Javi Lavandeira) has written an omnidirectional scroll routine for MSX 2 and higher.