MNBIOS website opened

by flyguille on 30-12-2003, 19:26
Topic: Websites

As of today you can find the official website of MNBIOS (MSX Non Basic Input Output System, a new not-backwards-compatible MSX-BIOS we reported about earlier) at This website will move to a different location soon. On the MNBIOS website you can download the Programmers Manual (in Spanish) of this new system which was developed between 1996 and 2003. Some of the features:

  • Management of multiple windows on screen of different or identical applications
  • A music manager comparable to the MIDI format. It is posible to link one or more sound chips in the playing process, where the chips are separated by the channel number, 256 channels are available for expansions.
  • An emulated CHRS matrix, to read and write chrs code.
  • The TEEM table (Execute MNBIOS Table) has 240 functions available, and the resources manager has another 255 functions in size of 16 driver with 16 functions, and each function can host much more sub-functions. All drivers use it for installing itself and self-link whit the "MDOS" API.
  • MNBIOS supports more commands for assembler coding:
    CP HL,BC ; change the [A] value in the process.
    CP HL,DE ; change the [A] value in the process.
    CP DE,BC ; change the [A] value in the process.
    WRBIT A,D ; where [A] has the bit number and [D] has the DATA to change. [CF] has the value for that bit.
    LDBIT A,D ; where [A] has the bit number and [D] has the DATA to CHANGE. [CF] returned the value of that bit.
  • All emulated assembler commands are very fast. The consist out of no more than 4, 5 or 6 normal assembled commands, this is supported trough the "RST XX" cpu commands. The WRBIT and LDBIT automatically change on code execution and are hosted in RAM memory.
  • Support for 8 fully programmable software timers.
  • FSTICK and FSTRIG function, which return the number of changes in the value of STICK joystick and buttons. It can be used in sports games.

Relevant link: The official MNBIOS website