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by Haze on 17-09-2003, 19:35
Topic: Websites

The ever so illusive KSS fileformat strikes again. It just so happens that rez, the webmaster of has decided to open up an MSX section. The general idea is to fill that section the same way as the other sections on, with primarily (demo-)scene music and maybe original gamemusic from the specific platform. In this case KSS will be the representative format for the MSX section. Work is already underway on correctly tagging and renaming most of the KSS music that's available on the internet. But is always on the look out for more scene music.

If you would like to help you may do so by contacting rez through If you want to submit your own MSX music, help him out be renaming your files using the following format:


E.g. the song "Multiple Errors" by Haze would become:


Note the underscore is being used as a spacing character!

Your help in this case is greatly appreciated. Time to get more exposure for the tunes that made the MSX memorable!

Relevant link: