MSX development IRC chat channel

by Unregistered user on 10-11-2002, 18:32
Topic: Websites

#msxdev at is a new IRC channel that focusses on development of MSX software and related subjects.Whether you're experienced, just starting or only interested, #msxdev is the place to ask questions and discuss projects and developments in the MSX world.And, visitors will be kept up-to-date of the latest news by the MSX Resource Center bot!

For those that don't know what IRC is, visit

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By snout

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10-11-2002, 18:34

this also implicates that the #msxdev channel at Dalnet is no more. Dalnet was too unstable to keep a nice conversation going.

By chaos

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10-11-2002, 21:03

#msxdev is nice!
there's still msx development going on! Smile