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by snout on 20-06-2004, 14:19
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Yesterday, Alex Wulms launched a new online version of the MSX Hardwarelist. The new version is database-driven which gives quite a lot of advantages over the static HTML hardwarelist that can be found here. At the moment the database-driven MSX Hardwarelist is still running in pilot-mode, meaning it will not yet be actively maintained. However, from time to time the information in the database will be synced with the information on the static version.

Eventually the static hardwarelist will be replaced by the database version. Alex Wulms is looking forward to receive feedback on the database-driven version of the MSX Hardwarelist. You can use the support form on his website to contact him.

Relevant link: MSX Hardwarelist

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By sunrise

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20-06-2004, 14:54

I guess that people who established this are a little out of date.
There are better pictures from the Sunrise products.
Although it is not complete , but if I see who contributed gives me the idea that there are better pictures and even better one on our site, be free to use those!
IDE, CF( i didnot see),RS23C etc
Would be nice also to take into account, what is available also and what isnot avialable or never executed such as those hardware from Russian side

By djh1697

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20-06-2004, 23:30

I think it is a great site! With the option to add more hardware, very useful Smile

Thank you Alex

By Sonic_aka_T

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21-06-2004, 11:19

I didn't see Padial in that list... He still makes and sells MSX hardware, right?!?