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by snout on 08-02-2007, 14:32
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Source: HispaMSX

We have just added a new link to our overview of MSX websites. The new Spanish website MSX Images contains a growing collection of pictures of MSX computers, hardware, software (covers) and peripherals. Visitors of the website are encouraged to upload their own pictures.

Our MSX Links database contains links to 265 different MSX websites about MSX. Do you have or know an MSX (related) website that is not listed yet? Please add it over here!

Relevant link: MSX Images

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By Manuel

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08-02-2007, 16:26

Yay, the FUNet images copied to a web site... :S

It would be a lot more interesting to put these images in the upcoming hardware database on GenMSX... which we are working on. So, it would be a lot more intersting to put new images also there.

By Samor

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08-02-2007, 17:44

question: will Generation MSX also support addition of game covers/manuals in the future?

I was reminded today of this topic: ,
and nothing really happened after that. Replacementdocs is still without MSX section whatsoever.

As for copyright issues, Replacementdocs uses watermarks (sort of) in their scans, and they don't use huge sizes. I think that would be a good idea to avoid legal trouble, or things like people trying to duplicate manuals and pass them off as original. Also a nice way to make sure other sites don't try to take credit.

By Sylvester

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09-02-2007, 14:24

As far as I know Generation MSX already has support for game covers Tongue And manuals, who knows, maybe in the future Smile