MSX Web Quiz #2

by Zezus on 18-09-2008, 22:39
Topic: Websites

Ricardo Bittencourt has made a new quiz to test your MSX knowledge skills. The quiz focuses on the 'A' character. Are you able to identify the 'A' and come up with the name of the game it belongs to? Thrill and suspense await you!

Relevant link: MSX Web Quiz #2

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By wolf_

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18-09-2008, 22:56

I am les miserable, 10/21 and then I gave up.. Hannibal

By Zezus

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18-09-2008, 23:12

Got 20/21
Missing only number 8...

By [D-Tail]

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18-09-2008, 23:32

I'd really like to know 6, 8, 10, 13 and 19. Of course, I'm at 16/21 Big smileI know the meaning of ESSCCCFFFFAnd I use that all too often WinkI don't need Momoko, Chie or Akemi.That's right, Syuko and Chiaki are far more necessary Big smile

Really brilliant, this kind of quote system! Thanks, Ricardo!

By uberjack

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18-09-2008, 23:44

I only got 8, though I'm pretty sure that #14 is 'treasure of usas' (even though the program says the name is wrong?)

By [D-Tail]

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19-09-2008, 00:09

Try all possible spellings, such as adding 'the' in front Wink

By Zezus

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19-09-2008, 01:08

Got 21/21! Finally, I can go to sleep!

By ro

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19-09-2008, 09:13

brill quiz, I suck. Sad

I recognize lots of'm but can't name'm (my mem is leaking.... not far from braindead)

By Manuel

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19-09-2008, 23:52

I'm also an MSX God! Smile 21! 17 by heart, 2 by quickly searching GenMSX, 1 by searching a bit more and one by browsing loads and loads of games. But OK, I can go to sleep now as well Smile

Great quiz!

By LeoM

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20-09-2008, 13:37

The original (japanese) name of game #14, is just "UÅžAS", and not "The treasure of UÅžAS". Even on the european box and in it's manual, only "UÅžAS" is mentioned. The only time the game is called "The treasure of UÅžAS", is on the start-up screen, when you play the game on a non-japanese MSX.

By the way, I got 15/21. Hmmm... could be better..

By viejo_archivero

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21-09-2008, 08:54

Erm, do I really know the meaning of "ESSCCCFFFF"?? Anyway, nice quiz!

By [D-Tail]

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21-09-2008, 17:01

Erm, do I really know the meaning of "ESSCCCFFFF"?? Anyway, nice quiz!Type this at the title screen of Yie Ar Kung Fu 2, and be amazed Wink

By konamiman

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22-09-2008, 21:55

Only 9. I'm getting old. Crying

Please, next quiz: "How many TCP/IP stacks have you developed for MSX?", so I can regain my honor... Hannibal


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24-09-2008, 18:49

hummm, I did 2 only....

Ricardo on your site ( I read:

/* A no intervalo 0-255 */
return ((input&7)==7)||((input&7)==0);

CP 1

/* A no intervalo 0-7 */
return ((input&7)==7)||((input&7)==0);


Are you sure the C functions represented by the ASM are both correct ?

Please post more results from your Super Otimizador!
They are true gems of ASM.

What about testing it against these functions ?

#define is_range0(x) ((x) < 2)
#define is_range1(x) (((x) & ~1) == 2)
#define is_range2(x) (((x) & ~3) == 4)
#define is_range3(x) (((x) & ~7) == 8)
#define is_range4(x) (((x) & ~15) == 16)
#define is_range5(x) (((x) & ~31) == 32)
#define is_range6(x) (((x) & ~63) == 64)
#define is_range7(x) ((x) > 127)

By JohnHassink

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24-09-2008, 22:50

Ricardo, your site rocks! Smile

By ricbit

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06-10-2008, 04:21

The C functions should be correct, indeed. The first version is the result of the function when A can take all possible values (0-255), and the second is a bit faster, but require A to be in the interval 0-7 (and will give wrong answers outside this range).

I'll run your suggestions and see what happens Smile